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My hands feel as though there's extra joints in them. I have noticed this of late, and attribute it to my extensive computer use. (I lost all my muscle tone and I'm totally pasty, but my hands are limber enough to pull through handcuffs. I could be a superhero.)

  posted by Gregory @ 8:46 PM


Another excellent explanation of something in a way I could never have managed to write it.

  posted by Gregory @ 11:39 AM

The question is whether people under 18 should be penalized for what their parents believe.

One of the (many, many, many) things I love about the web is that I'm much more likely to find someone who actually manages to put into words things I have always thought. Just in case you landed here accidentally and you're looking to remove blocking software from your home machine, here, here's the link. Have fun. :)

There's another way around them, but I can't think of how to describe it properly. Best I can say is that if it blocks IPs, then CGI grabscripts (those things that you stick a URL into and it comes back with the page, only it's Mr.T-ized or translated or somesuch) should route around it, right?

  posted by Gregory @ 7:35 AM

I weigh almost exactly 250 pounds. I am 5'9". Realistically, I should be Violet-Beauregard-blueberry-shaped, but I am not. I am shaped roughly like your average college student. I appear to drink a little too much beer and perhaps not eat enough roughage. I have weighed almost exactly 250 pounds since HS, and when I asked people how much I appeared to weigh then, they said 170. When I left HS, that was up to 190, and now, my SOTF (who, although she is marrying me, is brutally honest because she cannot help it) says that I look like I weigh maybe 210.

But it's not my weight that concerns me after I read this here article, it's my height. Read it, go ahead, I dare ya.

  posted by Gregory @ 5:26 AM

It has further occurred to me that -- were I currently employed -- I could probably be fired for writing about my workplace in here, or in the philoblog, or on my site.

Perhaps I'm utterly fucking deranged, but you know what? This looks like a great time to test the bio-memetic interface I was noodling over fairly recently.

Bring on the semiedible luncheon meats...

  posted by Gregory @ 5:00 AM

It has occurred to me that I don't link my home page here at all. Rectified.

  posted by Gregory @ 4:53 AM

Got me an idea last night. Time has yet to tell me whether it's a stupid one yet:


This is really just a li'l ol' scripty that you can run as a "cronjob" (I believe that's the term for a set of commands executed at a regular time or on a regular schedule) or just run every once in a while (for those sloppy Windows-using sonsabitches like me). It

-- searches a text file or a series of text files for HREF links;
-- copies them out;
-- adds them to a file of links;
-- alphabetizes the file.

That's it. Since I can pretty much do what the fuck I feel like with this, I can make it so it's embedded stuff, between stylized comment tags, and everything else is left the hell alone. That way you can still have it listed inside, say, a table datum tag, have a centered image, etc., and it'll still come out peachy-keen when you run it again.

Needs a good name. Something perhaps with 'consolidate' or something in the name.


I got to sleep last night at around what's equivalent to...shit. Four? I can't remember now. Must check logs.

I think it was four -- anyway, the point is that I just got up again at 7:30, and now I'm WIDE AWAKE. I long for the days when I would wake up at 7:30, drive the SOTF to work, and come home and go straight back the fuck to sleep.

Sometimes I miss sleep so much that I like sleeping, and that's just bizarre. I've always seen sleeping as a huge waste of time, mainly because it is, by my standards. Going to the bathroom is also a horrendous waste of time, though. So is eating, but it's better than sleeping because I get something out of it. I remember maybe 5% of my dreams, so for me it's like I'm taking a little coma: Lay down for a few hours, watch MST3K...and all of a sudden it's like six hours later?! I get nothing out of sleep most of the time.

Well, except that I stop hallucinating. But that's not quite a 'good' thing for me, either.

Oh, and just in case the world wasn't being crazy enough yet for you, chew on this story about strep throat and psychological disorders. The neat bit about this is that it's personal: I have recurring throat/sinus/ocular/whatchagot infections. Maybe I have Tourette's, motherfucker?

The days when simply having a website equated to visibility are over. The average person doesn’t even know to look for weblogs. When someone does, there’s an array of choices so endless that finding your site will largely be a stroke of luck.


If I do that once a day, this thing will be at the top of Google in no time. The truly funny bit is that the guy who writes guessed it! Keeps a blog!

I was planning to write some stuff in my philo-blog later this morning, probably about the recording "industry" if memory serves, so I will probably do that.

  posted by Gregory @ 4:52 AM

large wads of thoughtful things

Well, there's no easy way to say it, but the animals are a-changin' in some places. Two-headed fetuses (feti?) aside, there's several photos burned into my memory of the Chernobyl livestock -- sheep born with eight legs or one large eye or multiple heads. I don't want to search them up right now -- I just looked at a series of ER removal photos at Rotten, and my appetite for fucked up is full at the moment. Suffice to say that it brings up one big interesting question: Did the testing really stop?

Napster, KaZaA, things I could say pale in comparison to this fairly in-depth discussion of copyright. Intellectual property laws scare the bejesus out of me sometimes, particularly in the case of software. I have the deranged urge to just write some fairly obvious, fairly complex things and attempt to patent them, just to see if I can. I wonder if anybody's patented IRCbots, or, say, a CGI that takes a JPG file in upload and inverses the colors and outputs the result. If I just sit around and get patents on even remotely useful things, eventually I'll score one that some poor schmuck company needs in ten years or so, and I can charge them out the ASS for it.

Yeah, I know. My get-rich-quick schemes...! ;)

  posted by Gregory @ 11:19 PM


The WHAT? The British want to WHAT?

If you're even remotely interested in this sort of thing, then you know that the whole of England is covered with cameras. (That's a little unfair, but what the hell, this isn't CNN. This isn't even Fox News. Impartial THIS.) Now, they want to do something that -- and I'll get back to this feeling in a moment -- makes me want to get in the fetal position and just die. They want to track cars individually.

In the United States, our legal system makes the barest pretense of protecting our 'privacy', and I realize that it's one of the few nations that does this. (Whether it actually does respect said privacy, I can't know. I am not privy to the actions of the eff bee eye or the see eye ay.) So I will point out that perhaps it's just my long-standing irritation whenever the government is allowed some other prying look into our lives that causes the above reaction. Perhaps, in other countries, there is not even the show of pretending that people are allowed to be free in their actions and remain unwatched in a public place.

Honestly, though, I can't figure this out. I always hear something else, and it's like the things I hear about Massachusetts: The more I hear, the less I want to go there. (The road crews in Massachusetts tried to kill me one night; I don't know if that was planned or if that was a lone individual, but it was the case.) I hear things like "Oh, pedestrians don't have the right of way in Massachusetts," and it's delivered to me by my fiancee. (Who, I should note, is someone who eats ketchup and mayonnaise on toast and therefore may be an alien.) I keep expecting her to say "Oh, yeah, they grind up anybody over the age of forty in Massachusetts. My mom's going to the grinder in a week. You don't do that here?"

So when the Guardian says, "Hey! The government has this great idea for preventing congestion and keeping overt tabs on all the citizens! We're going to track your cars!" I can't help but get the feeling that the next story will be "The UK Government is installing tracking and thought-control devices in all its citizens, starting tomorrow."

Perhaps I'm merely paranoid.

Or -- and this is the frightening thought -- perhaps I'm not.

  posted by Gregory @ 10:59 PM

Didn't go to class, shockity shock shock. If my math professor is reading this, please, WHY SEVEN AM? Who MADE you do that?

Oh, and I should probably link hfb, seeing as how she was nice enough to...uh, be nice, I guess? Well, she was nice, so that works, I guess.

Maybe I should edit what I'm saying more. Some of this is crap.

Uh, there was something else...oh, right, right. I have few l337 Photoshop skills, but I manage a few things here and there. I made a link button for High Ping Bastard, and I'll probably cobble together an animated gif button, seeing as how I'm looking for any damn excuse not to do that goddamn test now.

Yeah, right. I should go do it...

...but first I should also link this, just in case anybody else thinks it's funny.

  posted by Gregory @ 11:07 AM

BLARGH tired!

Fucking tired. Cannot type properly.


My eye infection's coming back, sonofabitch, and I think it's draining into my sinus cavity now.

Tired, got a 7 AM class, cannot sleep, took ginseng and ginkgo and lots of other happy hyper substances.

  posted by Gregory @ 10:41 PM


Holy crap was that fast. I'm done. Ten t/f, ten multiple guess, and ten fill-in-the-blanks. Guess which part I didn't do so hot on?

Right. Well, anyway, that's a 76. With my homework grades, that's...that's a B for the class so far, I'm fairly sure.

Instead of doing the healthy thing of fake taco meat, I did the stupid thing. I baked a sheet of tater tots and ate those instead. Damn my weakness for grease...

  posted by Gregory @ 1:27 PM

I'm doing the deed. I am about to take a test online. I knew this day would come.

But the question that keeps coming back to me is: Should I be happy that my grade is going to be even a little at the mercy of my web connection?

  posted by Gregory @ 1:05 PM

...well, well, well. I'm not asleep, and if I can do something while I'm cooking up some fairly tasty fake taco meat, I can even say that I've got free time. Yay me.

Not that anybody wondered, but I don't believe video games cause violence. I believe violence is the result of massively unmet expectations. If people's lives are truly so shitty or desperate that they are willing to purchase a US$100 shotgun and start firing it at other people, more power to 'em. Stock up on shells first. :P

I've never had a problem with violent games or nonviolent games. Tetris, as I'm sure anybody can tell you, is considered as much of a classic as Doom. I play both and I'd like to create both. There's really nothing quite like being able to indulge -- safely -- the urge to mow down a line of too-slow pedestrians. :) As a friend of mine put it in a recent email:

I'm a full grown boy who needs a steady diet of blood and carnage.

That is so true, Andy.

  posted by Gregory @ 12:24 PM

Damn, even my Access class is making me want to sleep. I like Access. That's not a good sign.

More coffee, more coffee, more ginseng and ginkgo...

  posted by Gregory @ 9:17 AM

Furg, an hour early to school for the sake of a quick Excel spread. I hate doing things at the last minute now; why do I keep doing them that way?

Should print some stuff on expert systems and neural nets while I'm here, though.

Maybe it's not impossible to get a remote script job of some sort. Something to throw a little extra money into my financial situation, that's all. Keep checking PerlGuru and for that kinda thing.

  posted by Gregory @ 7:55 AM

Crap, crap, crap.


I can't help it. This feeling has become too fucking much to deal with. I NEED A JOB! I NEED A JOB!

...but to HAVE a job, I have to go LOOK for a job. Jobhunting sucks ass.

Mainestreet doesn't look terrible, but if they see this thing they'll never hire me in a million years.

Someday I want to have a certification level, too, Mommy! :)

  posted by Gregory @ 8:56 PM


De5ign Gall*ery L1ve SUCKS. Good to know that Ph*t0shop 6 is installed on here, though. :)

Great Chao, it's only 4:30. I'm going to die.

Just had a stupid idea: Text::Nonsearch, where important letters and acronyms are replaced by other things to prevent search-engine pickup.

That is...

"The CIA is elite"

might become

"the see eye ayy is el337"


"th3 C1A is el17e"

or some other fucked-up obfuscation that's still readable, but is now non-searchable, unless you use a specific set of search rules and a specific set of nonsearch rules.

(DOGs is going to have to be an expert system, not a neural net. Why did I think it would make a good neural net?)

DOGs will have certain modes. Training, where you send it links and you tell it how it should rate them; Fetch, where you give it a search criteria and it attempts to find pages you'll like concerning that topic; and Hunt, where it searches the web continually (under certain restrictions) for pages that you might like and then stores links to them somewhere. I'm going to learn how to do the Training by doing it manually, figuring out what classes of rules need to exist. Easy ones to think up before I start this: Amount of text, amount of pixels, number of images, frames/nonframes, significant flash (determined by sizing the incoming flash, sizing the rest of the page, measuring the proportion and applying it to a standard ratio)

Crap, I'm going to need analysis tools up the wahoo. Something to analyze the average size of flash sends, the average proportion of text/images|text|images to flash, etc. I'm almost sure we can just ignore the stupid frames problem, though.

Another non-terrible idea I had for a perlbot plugin was the GooBot, a google searcher that returns lucky links. Like, you say

!Google +"web design" +flash +frames

and it returns a link inside IRC to the "I'm feeling lucky" link for that search.

I've been sucking down coffee, ginkgo, and ginseng. I'm so awake right now I could probably spontaneously combust.

  posted by Gregory @ 2:11 PM


  • 3 cups water
  • 1 1/2 cups milk
  • 1 6 ounce can of tuna
  • 1 pound of uncooked ziti
  • 1 can of Cream Of Celery soup
  • 3 tbsp butter/margarine/Country Crock
  • 1 can of peas
  • 1/2 cup of cornstarch

This is my imitation Tuna Helper recipe. With a few modifications, I plan to test this recipe as Hamburger and Chicken Helper as well.

  posted by Gregory @ 9:33 AM

I had always been determined not to get a tattoo when I was younger. Now, in my old age (!), I've realized that this is my damn body, and to hell with the world. There's no reason to go out and get a dragon done on the whole of my back (in fact, there are several reasons not to) but there's also no reason I cannot pick an image that represents, in some fashion, something about myself that's fairly stable, almost always true, and interesting.

I do have a bit of a problem with needles, sure, but I can get through that.

I have a bit of a money problem, that's really the pressing part, but that too shall pass.

Once the money's in place and I'm psyched out/drunk, I want to get that inserted into my skin, permanently, on the back of my neck, a couple inches down from the base of my skull. It was there or my forehead, and the forehead is right out (mainly because any tattoo you place on your forehead lacks subtlety, but also because any tattoo on your forehead might as well read "I Don't Want A Fucking Job" in large type.) A nice central placement, it won't be in the way, and it'll be on a place where I hardly ever look anyway; for all I know, once I have it, it could have been there all along.

Well, except for the excruciating pain for a week or so. It's a week or so, right?

  posted by Gregory @ 10:48 AM


When will someone finally listen to reason and get these dangerous weapons off the streets? Is no one safe from armed thugs, walking around with brazen displays of violence? The police cannot keep up with the influx of these things to the inner cities; will there be no haven for innocent, law-abiding people?

And can I have one? *smile*

  posted by Gregory @ 10:10 AM

When guy is going lot move this I'm of mixed fand about out on the one hand fe did rie to the landlord that I was the one one the front dur open all psychotic time but on the other mindset he was theirs Downstairs better than the rast reaving fis brother a comprete the.

Lovely. The Engrishbot is in beta, which means it works and it's weird.

  posted by Gregory @ 11:57 PM


Wow, did I get lucky. Pearl isn't the thing everybody's talking about.

Scratch that; his family got lucky. Very, very lucky.

Been playing Hurt on Winamp a lot lately. I remember...well, fondly's not the word, but I remember the massive massive massive crying spells I had once to this song. I don't have them any more, and I still like the song.

Downstairs guy is going to move out. I'm of mixed mindset about this; on the one hand, he did lie to the landlord that I was the one leaving the front door open all the time, but on the other hand, he was a lot better than the last one, his brother, a complete psychotic.


There's always something worse. It's not a reason to keep yourself from action; but, all the same, it is something to weigh on your mind, especially when you don't know how something is going to pan out yet.

I guess I'll see soon enough.

  posted by Gregory @ 12:58 PM

Look, Ma, I know what every fucking news outlet is going to be babbling about nonstop for all of tomorrow! No hands!

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Okay, let's get something straight here: This is a "war" of some form. Expect "atrocities". That's what war is; a fucking atrocity. If you don't understand this simple math, please, bow out of the human race right now, drag your inbred relatives with you, and form tribes out in the fucking woods. Small clusters of humans can only kill so many of each other at a whack; we're great big civilized masses of human beings, so we kill for virtually no reason and we can do it by the thousands. Get down, baby.

So, yeah, nice people are going to die. That's how a war works. Nice and not-so-nice people die so that other nice people don't have to.

I wish, for this guy's sake, for his wife's sake, for his kid's sake, that nobody picks up this story tomorrow. I hope. out of some bizarre decency, that they allow these people to live their fucking lives and not have it compounded by hundreds of interviews, tabloid stories, and editorials. I really, really hope that.

But, as much as I try to avoid the news, I sure as hell can tell that it isn't going to leave this alone. Oh no. The press cannot be bothered to play the decency card. Not here, not now.

What utter horseshit, this media and the associated three rings that go with it.

  posted by Gregory @ 10:42 PM


This, I'm still trying to understand. That shit is almost impossible to comprehend, as they say.

Seriously, though, the most recent Mac Hall is pretty on-the-money. I personally go to such an inexpensive degree-granting institution that I don't think refunds would be worth it (especially considering my tuition waiver), but still, it's a lovely thought. Go read it, already. (And I don't have to worry; Mac Hall updates once a week, whether they need it or not, so I'll be up there for a while.)

They know I'm just kidding. Hell, they don't even read this.

  posted by Gregory @ 8:23 PM

I have a Hotmail account, and that seems to cause me to recieve an absolute assload of spam. One that happened into my mailbox only moments ago was also addressed to the following Hotmail addresses:

chaotictorment, chaoticrule, chaoticphenomena, chaoticphase

Now, I personally have not seen very many spams that were directed in this fashion, and it worries me. Spammers are...shudder becoming intelligent. This should horrify the living fuck out of you; this is worse than screamers becoming intelligent.

Beretboy's homepage officially wins some sort of 'love the color scheme' award. I always like things that hearken back to monochrome sick-green schemes.

Oh, and I got the Kung Fu mod for Max Payne working. Juicy juicy juicy! Got a Triad skin and everything. Totally kicked ass; jumping off walls, drunken-master shootdodge (an imitation of the now-famous Keanu Reeves shoot-dodge from _The Matrix_) and jumpkicks, regular kicks, etc., just made an already kickass game into an even MORE kickass game. If you have Max Payne, do yourself a favor, get the mod and see what I mean.

I'd hand you a link, but I'm fresh out.

  posted by Gregory @ 7:41 PM

I have been told by my fiancee that I'm unfair to Pink Floyd. Feh. They're idolized by people everywhere, famous as all hell, etc., they can take a little ribbing about the length of their songs. I didn't even say anything about how little sense some of the songs make (mostly because that's how rock and roll works -- look at any band's lyrics, and usually about half the songs don't make a damn drop of sense.) I prefer sensical lyrics, but not so much that I'm willing to miss out on kick ass tuneage.

None of that matters. You know what matters?

I'm asking. Do you?

CDDB...! Goddamnit. When you're not online, it's psychotically irritating; when you are, half the time the song titles have been spelled by someone who's got the intelligence of window cleaner. 'Latley'? WTF is that? Are people adding entries drunk or something?

  posted by Gregory @ 11:48 AM


I don't like Pink Floyd, and you know what? I'm glad I don't like Pink Floyd. I have nothing against marijuana users, don't get me wrong; it's the songs, nothing but. The fact that a Pink Floyd song can take upwards of...what, an hour or something, right?...that just turns me off.

I get the very real feeling that the Pink Floyd anthology set comes in a truck.

Anyway, that's not the point.

The point is that my new blogging technique is unstoppable. Recognize it as such, or fear the wrath of Karate Snoopy!

  posted by Gregory @ 5:13 PM


There was a point to the preceding entry, now that I've had time to think.

I'm sort of looking for a job. Ideally, this would be a low-pressure, "we understand you're a college student and don't know a shitload of things yet" kind of job. This kind of job, actually, something fairly simple with a database. I understand some of the most basic things about databases, and I know my way around the basic CGI functions, and I'm not a complete dipshit in Perl any more.

I made a good choice, too, it would seem. Jason Purdy is a pretty sharp guy; I know he keeps a journal at use.perl; but I can't remember for certain whether he's on Monks. Pretty sure he is.

...what was I getting at...?

Oh, right. I'm looking for exercises. I'm looking for "work" to learn with. I'm not a jump-in-headfirst kind of person; I'm a patient, careful person. I like to make sure I make good decisions, I like to operate on the maximum possible data set, and I like to understand as much as I can about something before I try to do it. (Case in point: My microwave is functioning erratically. I know the most basic stuff about electronics; I own a working multimeter, soldering iron, etc., but I'm not going to frig around inside the microwave, because I don't know that I know enough to do it.)

Except when I'm not.

  posted by Gregory @ 1:41 PM

I like to geek around, I do, I do.

Eyes feel better today; going to drip those damn awful drops in them again anyway. Ciproxicin, I believe, is the name; the flavor's reminiscent of vodka and sour milk. I have to ruin perfectly good gulps of coffee with that awful fucking taste.

Life is an enormous fucking dilemma, and life being a natural structure, it fits that life would be a dilemma at the tiniest magnification, the smallest interval. Dilemma: To get through college, you must hand over large chunks of time and money, give up many interesting activities, and figure out a way to continue eating at the same time. To date, you must hand over large chunks of time and money, give up many interesting activities, and figure out a way to continue eating at the same time. To work, you must hand over large chunks of time (and sometimes money as well, buying uniforms or some shit like that), give up many interesting activities, and figure out a way to continue eating at the same time.

Now, if I could figure out a way to just give up sleeping, I'd be fine, except for the neon bunnies I have a tendency to hallucinate. I'd have a job and a fiancee and school and enough time to do the occasional vaguely interesting thing that makes me like being alive. (Because if I don't do occasional vaguely interesting things that make me like being alive, I have a tendency to torture small animals, or die, or something. I think.) I can't give up sleeping, I don't want to give up school, and ideally I'd like to not give up my fiancee.

As a result, when I got laid off last..year, I can't remember the fucking month any more, I did not end up with another job. I am supposed to get a certain minimal amount of living cash from the Veteran's Administration, a fine institution who decided that, seeing as how my stepfather has a severe back injury and my biological father got shot through the abdomen with a machine gun, I should at least get a little bit of money every month and free tuition for a while. I agree with them wholeheartedly; however, their tendency to be late has meant that, for the past four months or something, I have contributed zero to the living fund here.

Hey, I forgot. This is shit I find awful; what the fuck am I inflicting it on you for?

Here. Have a link. Have a nice day.

  posted by Gregory @ 12:04 PM

...I keep remembering this guy I my SOTF knew that I met once or twice...
...and I keep thinking I should look him up on the net...
...and then I find, once again, that he does dumb shit with bicycles where he cuts them and reassembles them like low-slung motorcycles...
...and then I remember why I thought the guy was creepy in the first place.
I hate this memory thing. :\

I have this memory problem where I will oftentimes mentally misplace events, sometimes to the point that I don't remember things that happened the same day. Good Example: Take fiancee to work, come home, sit down and start working on Perl-whatever. Two hours later, get up, look for fiancee.

Repeat, rinse.

Anyway, I should point out that I'm not humor-impaired again, just to drive the point home.

The point of...MURDER.

That, and Prae promised me ops if I plug his site. :D Not really, but it couldn't hurt! *winning smile*

God Damn Eyes.

  posted by Gregory @ 9:58 PM


"We Got Robots And Homicide! Now All We Need Are Monkeys!"

Okay. What is the fucking deal with robots in cartoons? Seriously. As far back as I could remember, robots in cartoons (and every form of mass media until _Twilight Zone_) have always been homicidal lunatics. Aren't we going to get in trouble in twenty years, when there's robots being homeless because of discrimination, and we'll all have to pay for fucking social services to get them lube jobs and fuel cells? Folks, we're setting ourselves up here. Examine carefully the relationships you have with machines in your home! Your microwave is nice to you. Your stove is nice, your fridge is nice, your TV is...well, it's nice in a not-so-bright way.

Why the diss on robots?

I mean, I'm going to be a robot someday, I'd really like to get this settled before I have to upload myself to new platform.

That's not what my point was going to be, but it's important too. My point is: Why are robots HAVING SEX NOW?

I understand that there are problems I have that make me...different. But I would never, could never have concieved of robots having sex with people or with each other. Yet, look at rsteven's sense of humor!

This brings me to my Fucked Up Question Of The Day Or Whatever: Would the majority of people care to have sex with robots? Personally, I could see it only if there was a significant amount of flesh-simulation-attempting, but by that point it would essentially be like having sex with a human being who could be programmed any way you-

I've changed my mind. Bring on the Fuck-Bots!

  posted by Gregory @ 7:19 AM

I have this deranged plan to slowly, slowly build a chatbot that acts like me. It will be fully-featured; that is, it will act on all major chat protocols that exist as well as IRC; when I die, it will be a little bit of me that will never die.

Sad, isn't it?

  posted by Gregory @ 7:08 AM

I miss Tetris a lot. Enough that, sometimes, I will go and use Tetrinet to play it through IRC. Love that game to death.

The aforementioned fighting techniques are indeed unstoppable, motherfuckers.

Velvet Acid Christ is up on my list right now, along with Rob Zombie. This is the kind of music that was necessary to crank during my long-ago Doom deathmatches; I had no sound card, and operated purely on sight and the power of the music pumping out of the stereo. I kicked a severe amount of ass then. Still do.

I need a damned broadband connection so I can get on the net and prove that my new shooting technique is unstoppable. :)

  posted by Gregory @ 7:05 AM

Content, Schmontent

Caring involves the eyes. I know this for a fact due to simple logic: My eyes aren't functioning properly, I don't care -- hence, to care, you must have fully functional eyes.

Fully functional, in this case, means 'not building up what appears to be a mixture of snot and axle grease every few hours'. Yet my eyes continue to do this. Bastards.

I could sit here and go on and on about my eyes, but I won't. Oh, no. I'll serve you a tasty little link right here, instead. It turns out I was right about sleep all those years. Finally! Scientific knowledge comes out for the Dew-sucking, coffee-brewing, late-night-entertainin' among us!

You should see this thing; I have a crowbar with a network patch cable snaked around it, with the pry-point of the crowbar and the plug of the patch at the same end. Now, all I need is some chain from a bike or a chainsaw or something.

I've debated for a long time about getting a tattoo, and I've finally decided I may do it sometime within the next five or so years. The design I picked is the Sacred Chao, something you might remember from either the '60s and/or _The Illuminatus Trilogy!_ It's a yin/yang with a golden apple and a pentaGON (not a fucking pentaGRAM) instead of the two dots that are present on some classic yin/yang designs. It perfectly represents nothing or everything, take your pick.

Eyebrows. Thinking about shaving them off, mainly just because I've never seen it, and it would screw with people.

I think my memory is starting to come back, but it's a slow process, and I still have a tendency to forget things fairly easily.

Those whores at A0L have blocked Tr1llian again; as such, I've started researching the O5CAR protocol. (The l33t-ness there is to prevent search engines from being attracted to this site for any of those three things. I have no problem with the big T, but I'm sure not any help to the cause, sittin' around calling A0L 'whores'.) If there's any way to figure this fucking thing out, maybe, just maybe, I can write something that will help with this stupid A1M problem.

Once I get Acid DJ reinstalled, I'm going to see if I can't throw some stuff together. Generated music tracks I make + Acid DJ + my wretched singing voice = crappy music! I can't wait!

Will the fighting never end?

  posted by Gregory @ 6:00 AM

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